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Globalis Brazil expands business through Portugal

The travel agency Globalis, specializes in the area of business trips, based in São Paulo, entered in Portugal this year, but has already defined a strategy of expansion through Portuguese branch to Angola and Mozambique. In an interview with the economic daily, partner and Executive President of the Globalis travel, Fatima Silva, revealed that after “consolidated business in Brazil where has several business and commercial relationships with local customers that it made sense to develop in Portugal, being also a gateway to Africa”.

Fatima Silva said that, at this time, the travel agency for the corporate segment has about 200 clients resulting from the extension of trade relations won in Brazil “, but in total the Globalis holds a portfolio of 3000 customers.

On the other hand with the entry into Portugal, Fátima Silva-which holds 49% of the Portuguese subsidiary-have led the business extension for Angola, where to have the Globalis acts through a local partner which allows – taking into account the constraints affecting this market as transfers – “act as if the company had a physical presence”. But the stakes in that African country where already holds about of 50 customers won’t stick around. The Executive President of the Globalis ensures that is already defined “the physical opening in the next three years in Angola with a structure”. When this goal is achieved, the same source anticipates that the current sales volume of 1.5 million euros achieved only through this local representation will grow to 15 million euros.

The Globalis’ expansion still “in 2016 we will launch a similar partnership in Mozambique to then move forward with a physical structure”.

This will happen because, according to Falcon, the priority is to leverage the synergies with customers ‘ corporate ‘ of Brazil and that exist in Portugal and do the triangle with Africa taking advantage of the fact that there are business sectors common to the three countries as the construction and energy, especially with companies operating around the oil business “.

The same source explained that with only seven months left the company in Portugal is still a ‘ soft opening ‘. However, it is expected reach the end of the first year of activity with sales of three million euros, which will grow to about 45 million after three years of presence. To achieve the strategy’s win “a fringe of customers that are scattered and that does not use travel agencies” and present a turnkey solution, in which proposes “save around 20% travel accounts of customers, since the structure of fixed costs is low and is very flexible.” Today, Globalis provides employment to 10 people, but it is expected to create a total of 40 jobs over the next three years.


Source: Economico


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